Compact 700i

Compact 700i Unit

  • The COMPACT 700i is a lightweight, 20 Kg, digital portable inverter drawn arc studwelder, capable of welding from M 3 up to M 12 studs (Reduced Base)
  • Both the weld time and weld current are infinitely adjustable for preciseness and repeatability.
  • Dual-core processors technology on the machine, thereby increasing in response and welding performance.
  • The LCD Display provides quick viewing of all variables for greater accuracy and repeatability.
  • Self-monitoring system. The monitoring of all functions is clearly displayed by LED on the front panel for immediate diagnostic.
  • The superior chopping frequency of 20 KHz provides a much smoother arc than any competitive invertor-based stud welder. Because the COMPACT 700i uses invertor technology, it delivers faster arc response and superior repeatability compared to traditional transformer/rectifier-based stud welders.
  • Superior performance for welding studs are made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Minimizing spatter generation and excellent welding fillet appearance by Hybrid technology newly developed for stud welding.
  • Designed with thermostatically controlled cooling fan and thermo-overload circuitry.

Optional Features:

  • The “Advanced Studwelding Control” module adds the following features : Monitoring all parameters of the weld cycle including immediate digital verification of all weld parameters, adaptation to changing plate conditions, diagnosis of weld, memories, data recorder, programmable pilot arc, feature locking, maintenance tracker,  etc.
  • The “Auto” module interfaces the welder with automatic welding heads, feeding systems, CNC, and programmable logic controllers.

A-38 Gun

  • The A-38 stud welding gun is handy, lightweight electronically controlled gun with automatic length compensation, designed for universal applications. This compact gun is ideal for fielding welding work, and its compact size enables use in hard to reach areas.
  • Welds any length pins with a diameter range of Ø 3 mm through Ø 8 mm.
  • Welds any length studs with a diameter range of M 3 through M 12
  • Features:
  • Compact and tough for heavy duty use.
  • Automatic length compensation system for different stud lengths and surface conditions.
  • High service life through high-grade mechanical components.
  • Space saving due to internal welding cable.
  • More powerful solenoid for faster welding.
  • Precision guidance protected from welding spatters.
  • Optional: Precision linear ball track of gun piston.

Technical Data Stud Welding Machine

  • Stud Range : M3 – M12 mm
  • Welding Current : 100 – 650A (regulated)
  • Welding Time : 10 – 600 mS                                                                     Compact_700_1000i_1400i-2
  • Supply Voltage : 400V / 3 phases ( 230V on request )
  • Fuse : T 20A
  • Size (WxHxL) : 250 x 330 x430 mm
  • Duty Cycle : Up to 25 studs/min
  • No Load Voltage : 80 V
  • Efficiency : 0,87
  • Inert Gas : Optional
  • Insulation : F
  • Weight : 20 KG

Technical Data Stud Welding Gun

  • Welding range : M3 – M12
  • Welding process : Drawn Arc                                                                       pistolet_A38_2_small
  • Stud Material : Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Pins                                                                                                                with Aluminium base
  • Stud length : Any length
  • Nail length : Any lenght
  • Plunge settings : Infinitely adjustable
  • Cables length : 5 meters (high flexible)
  • Cables Section : 35 mm2
  • Protection : IP 2x
  • Weight : 0,95 Kg. (without cable)